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54416: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a prismatic shape
[modules/smesh.git] / src / OBJECT / SMESH_Actor.cxx
2019-08-23 eap54416: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a prismat...
2019-03-05 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_2_BR'
2019-02-14 vsrUpdate copyrights
2019-01-17 mkr0054485: TC9.2.0: SMESH: not all elements are numbered...
2019-01-17 mkr0054465: TC9.2.0: SMESH: mesh presentation is not fully...
2018-09-12 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V8_5_asterstudy' V9_1_0
2018-09-11 vsr0023580: [EDF] AsterStudy: more distinct display of... V8_5_asterstudy
2018-07-18 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-13 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ngo/FixVerima'
2018-07-13 rnvMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-13 rnvUnicode support
2018-06-14 rnvMerge V9_dev branch into master
2018-04-02 vsrMerge branch 'V8_4_BR'
2018-03-30 vsrMerge branch 'V8_3_BR' into V8_4_BR V8_4_BR
2018-02-15 eapGPUSPHGUI: show a custom control by setting a functor
2018-01-22 rnvUnicode support: correct handling of unicode on GUI...
2018-01-15 rnvMerge eap/23491 branch.
2017-12-29 rnvMerge changes from 'master' branch.
2017-12-19 rnvMerge ASERIS development.
2017-12-14 rnvMerge branch 'eap/23514'
2017-12-13 rnvMerge V8_4_BR branch.
2017-10-12 eapAdd "Deflection 2D" quality control
2017-09-19 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/penta18 pre/penta18 V8_4_0a2
2017-09-15 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/penta18
2017-09-15 Paul RASCLEfix biquadratic quadratic pentahedron(18 nodes prism)
2017-02-01 eapIPAL53919: Pb with nodes after element removal
2017-01-31 eapIPAL53915: Display Entity dialog does not work
2016-12-28 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fbt/fix_french_tra...
2016-11-24 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V8_2_BR' into pre/V8_2_BR
2016-11-24 anaMerge branch 'master' of salome:modules/smesh
2016-11-24 anaWindows compatibility.
2016-11-22 eapIPAL53819: Mesh edition clears Numbering
2016-11-21 eapDon't drop the control mode when a mesh becomes empty
2016-11-18 eap23315: [CEA 1929] Too much memory used to display a...
2016-11-14 eapRegression: outline is not shown if selection disabled...
2016-11-11 eap23315: [CEA 1929] Too much memory used to display a...
2016-10-24 eap23315: [CEA 1929] Too much memory used to display a...
2016-08-11 eap23303: [EDF 12024] Filter for nodes connectivity
2016-08-10 rnvMerge branch 'abn/configuration'
2016-08-08 anaFix for "0023306: [EDF 8444] Mesh controls behavior...
2016-05-24 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-05-12 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V7_dev' of https://git.salome-platform...
2016-05-12 mntFix compilation problem
2016-05-11 eap53225: Viscous Layers hyp: problem with selection of...
2016-04-15 Paul RASCLEMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev' into V7_dev
2016-03-24 vsrMerge branch 'V7_dev'
2016-03-18 vsrCopyright update: 2016
2016-02-16 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'hydro/imps_2015' into V7_dev
2016-02-01 Paul RASCLEmerge V7_7_BR
2016-01-15 vsrMerge branch 'V8_0_BR' V8_0_0a2 V8_0_0b1
2016-01-13 eapFix compilation errors using gcc-5.X relating to explic...
2016-01-07 Paul RASCLEmerge master
2015-06-24 eap0023064: [CEA 1471] Create and support quadratic polygo...
2015-04-17 imnINT PAL 0052682: Local selection for ball elements...
2015-02-16 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/gdd/translations'
2015-02-13 aklCopyrights update 2015.
2014-04-03 vsrMerge branch V7_3_1_BR
2014-04-02 Renaud NédélecMerge branch 'master' into rbe/fix-boost-smart-pointers
2014-04-02 mpaCorrection of mistakes: 0022479: EDF 2823 SMESH: Add...
2014-03-24 mpa0022479: EDF 2823 SMESH: Add "multiplier" coefficient...
2014-02-20 aklUpdate copyrights 2014.
2014-02-19 rnvFix problems with the OpenGL clipping planes.
2013-11-05 rnvFix for the "0022345: EDF 2754 SMESH: Select pyramids...
2013-10-16 rnvFirst step for the "21793: [CEA 625] Clipping : from...
2013-09-13 rnvImplementation of the "0022102: EDF 1496 SMESH : Displa...
2013-05-22 vsrFix problem with highlighting polyhedrons
2013-05-16 eap0022100: EDF 2413 SMESH: Take into account TRIA7
2013-04-01 vsrMerge from V6_main 01/04/2013
2013-03-01 vsrMerge from BR_PORTING_VTK6 01/03/2013 V7_1_0b1
2013-02-12 vsrMerge from V6_main 11/02/2013
2012-10-08 vsrMerge from V6_main (04/10/2012)
2012-08-09 vsrMerge from V6_main_20120808 08Aug12
2009-02-17 vsrMerge from BR_V5_DEV 16Feb09
2008-03-07 jfaJoin modifications from BR_Dev_For_4_0 tag V4_1_1.
2006-06-01 jfaJoin modifications from branch BR_DEBUG_3_2_0b1 T3_2_0b2 V3_2_0b2
2006-05-06 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_debug_for_3_2_0b1
2006-03-13 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_development_for_3_2_0a2
2006-02-07 smhMerge from OCC_development_generic_2006
2005-10-10 eapIMP 10199 (add Volume Control). Add eVolume3D Control
2005-08-30 mznPreferences-Mesh-General tab: regressions and reorganiz...
2005-08-02 enkShrink factor incorrect default value:
2005-07-25 aslnew method UpdateScalarBar() allows to update scalar...
2005-07-22 asl*** empty log message ***
2005-07-21 aslThe properties of scalar bar actor now are read from...
2005-06-27 stvPrefernces.
2005-06-08 asl*** empty log message ***
2005-06-07 smhSMH: Preparation version 3.0.0 - merge (HEAD+POLYWORK) T_3_0_0_a1
2005-03-30 apoBug PAL7444 - display mesh takes a lot of more memory...
2005-03-22 apo[Bug PAL7444] display mesh takes a lot of more memory...
2005-02-11 enkFix. Bug PAL8109 CRASH of "Salome" happens if to check...
2005-02-08 enkFix. Bug PAL8062 REGRESSION: Nodes aren't displayed...
2005-02-07 enkFix. Incorrect group of nodes representation
2005-02-02 enkDo not calc Controls when clipping is changed.
2005-01-20 adminMerge with OCC_development_01 V2_2_0a1
2004-12-01 adminMerge with version on tag OCC-V2_1_0d V2_1_0b1
2004-06-18 yfrDCQ : Merge with Ecole_Ete_a6.
2003-11-12 jrtMergeV1_2c-1
2003-07-10 yfryfr : Merge with v1.2
2003-07-10 yfrThis commit was generated by cvs2git to track changes...
2003-07-10 yfrsources v1.2