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2016-07-25 anaWindows: suppress Cmake warnings
2016-07-25 eap23298: EDF 13271 SMESH: ExportMED fails
2016-07-08 eapMinor doc changes V8_1_0a1
2016-07-08 Christophe... Remove the text "formerly Yams" from SMESH plugin menus...
2016-07-08 Christophe... Fix crash when launching SurfOpt plugin with Qt5.
2016-07-05 eap23295: [CEA 1870] Impossible to mesh the inside of...
2016-06-30 mntFix compilation problem
2016-06-29 eapRegression of BelongToGeom on Debian-6
2016-06-28 mntRNV: Fix compilation error.
2016-06-27 eapIPAL53401: BelongToGeom is very long on multiple lines
2016-06-22 eapDocumenting the nodal connectivity
2016-06-21 eapIPAL53401: BelongToGeom is very long on multiple lines
2016-06-21 vsrUpdate in accordance with changes in QtxComboBox.
2016-06-21 eap53416: SALOME crashes when selecting a sub-menu of...
2016-06-20 eapMove "SpherePadding plugin user's guide" to a dedicated...
2016-06-16 eapFix test SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/2D_mesh_QuadranglePre...
2016-06-16 eapRegression: "Unknown" scalar bar title
2016-06-14 eap23288: [CEA 1626] Meshgems v2.3
2016-06-14 eapCompilation error on Ubuntu 16
2016-06-10 eapIPAL52980: Wire Discretization with Table density fails
2016-06-09 eapBUG: impossible to import a med file of size more than...
2016-06-06 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-05-27 eap23282: EDF 13035 - Problem with submeshes priority
2016-05-26 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-05-26 eap23281: [CEA 1859] SALOME master : compilation SMESH... V7_8_BR V7_8_0 V7_8_0rc2
2016-05-26 eapMinor DOC changes
2016-05-25 mpaMigration to OCCT 7.0
2016-05-24 eapMinor DOC changes
2016-05-24 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-05-20 vsrIncrement version: 7.8.0 V7_8_0rc1
2016-05-19 eapFix regressions
2016-05-18 eapFix regression SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/3D_mesh_Project...
2016-05-16 eap23207: EDF 11232 SMESH: viscou layers builder fails...
2016-05-16 eap23278: [EDF] Mesh computation fails for cylinder or...
2016-05-16 eap23279: EDF 12978 - Overconstrained faces
2016-05-13 eapFix regression SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/viscous_layers_...
2016-05-12 eap23190: EDF 11636 - Problem of viscous layer
2016-05-12 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V7_dev' of https://git.salome-platform...
2016-05-12 Paul RASCLEPlugin blocFissure, bug EDF 12976, regression on some...
2016-05-12 eap23078: [CEA 1498] Sewing of meshes without having to...
2016-05-12 mntFix compilation problem
2016-05-11 eap23207: EDF 11232 SMESH: viscou layers builder fails...
2016-05-11 eap53225: Viscous Layers hyp: problem with selection of...
2016-05-02 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V7_dev' of https://git.salome-platform... V7_8_0b1
2016-05-01 Paul RASCLEblocFissure : debug logging implementation
2016-05-01 Paul RASCLEencoding problem to solve later
2016-05-01 Paul RASCLEblocFissure general dialog improvement
2016-05-01 Paul RASCLEblocFissure: rename the med file produced in accordance...
2016-05-01 Paul RASCLEblocFissure: coherence of menu and plugin name in help
2016-04-26 vsrRemove debug messages in Release mode V7_8_0a2
2016-04-19 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog: doc correction
2016-04-18 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog documentation
2016-04-18 Paul RASCLESphinx style for html doc
2016-04-15 Paul RASCLEMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev' into V7_dev
2016-04-15 Paul RASCLEtests on memory measurements
2016-04-15 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog: working on log...
2016-04-14 eap23269: Meshing a composite block with IJK
2016-04-04 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-04-01 anaWindows compatibility
2016-03-25 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-03-25 eapRegression of doc/salome/examples/
2016-03-24 eap23068: [CEA 1505] Be able to keep meshing in 2D after...
2016-03-24 vsrMerge branch 'V7_dev'
2016-03-23 eap23256: [CEA 1796] Merge nodes suppresses some elements
2016-03-22 vsrFix pb of make test
2016-03-22 vsr0023235: [CEA 1730] Patches for SMESH on Windows
2016-03-21 eapIPAL53011: Order of sub-mesh in meshing process does...
2016-03-21 eapIPAL53091: 'Scale of Marker' lists are different in...
2016-03-18 vsrCopyright update: 2016
2016-03-18 eapIPAL52974: Find Element by Point shows nodes that do...
2016-03-17 eap52976: Find Elements by Point - All does not find Ball...
2016-03-17 eap52977: Find Element by Point does not find supporting...
2016-03-17 eapFix regression of SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/3D_submesh_00/A6
2016-03-16 eapIPAL53051: 3D Extrusion fails
2016-03-15 eapIPAL53053: Mesh compute with 3D Extrusion algo crashes...
2016-03-15 eapIPAL0053055: Import-1D2D algorithm fails
2016-03-15 eap53057: NETGEN-1D2D3D issues "Ignored" warning for faces...
2016-03-11 eapIPAL53097: At med export "Automatically define space...
2016-03-11 eap53103: Mesh visualization performance problem
2016-03-10 aklTaking into account SALOME_BUILD_DOC option.
2016-03-10 mntDo not generate PDF documentation with latex
2016-03-09 vsrSwitch development flag ON
2016-03-08 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V7_dev' of https://git.salome-platform...
2016-03-08 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, error in hexa detection
2016-03-07 Paul RASCLEamorce doc Sphinx blocFissure
2016-03-04 eap53099: 3D Extrusion algo refuses to work on an extruded...
2016-03-04 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, another error detection
2016-03-04 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, another error detection
2016-03-03 eap23250: [CEA 1766] 3D tab is empty when editing mesh
2016-02-29 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, another error detection
2016-02-29 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, an error detection
2016-02-29 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dilalog, completion of save parameters
2016-02-29 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, user message mecanism for some...
2016-02-26 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, save log in file
2016-02-26 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, use working dir and result file...
2016-02-25 Paul RASCLEgeneral crack dialog, working dir and result file
2016-02-25 Paul RASCLEset log verbosity, general crack dialog
2016-02-24 rnvWindows compatibility. V8_0_0_BR V8_0_0 V8_0_0rc2
2016-02-24 rnvWindows compatibility.
2016-02-20 vsrC++98 compatibility (remove C++11 staff)