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2023-11-14 cconopoima[bos #38521][EDF] Split Polyhedron with more than one... cce/38521 master V9_12_0b1 24/head
2023-11-13 cconopoimabos #37027 [EDF] Define more general geomTol value... cce/37027 23/head
2023-10-30 AUDOUIN YoannMerge commit '6600bcec782fc8b6c72871fe6e08bd19a34a4e2b'
2023-10-23 cconopoima[bos #38088] [CEA] Create documentation for Offset... cce/38088 22/head
2023-10-18 cconopoima[bos #35147] [EDF] (2023-T1) Decompose Viscous Layer... cce/35147VL 20/head
2023-10-03 cconopoimabos #34269 [CEA] Function to check same face orientatio... cce/34269 V9_12_0a1 V9_12_0a2
2023-10-03 Christophe BourcierAdd test for fix bos #33557 cce/33557 15/head
2023-10-03 cconopoimabos #33557 [CEA] Merge pyramid method using geometrical...
2023-10-03 mbsfixed bos#37786: SMESH_MGAdaptTests_without_session...
2023-10-03 YOANN AUDOUINMissing icon image in documentation
2023-09-26 Yoann AudouinAdding Multinode method for smesh parallelism (with...
2023-09-19 cconopoimabos #36783 [EDF] Use BRepTopAdaptor_FClass2d classifier... cce/36783 19/head
2023-09-11 YOANN AUDOUINForcing removal of temporary output file for MG_adapt
2023-09-04 YOANN AUDOUINRevert "Adding Multinode method for smesh parallelism...
2023-08-31 Yoann AudouinAdding Multinode method for smesh parallelism + cleanup...
2023-08-10 cconopoimabos #32735 [CEA] Create 2D Mesh from 3D elements. cce/32735MeshOfFaces 17/head
2023-08-10 asozinovFix compilation problem on Windows asozinov/CR32738 18/head
2023-08-08 Christophe BourcierSome improvements on Scaled Jacobian: cce/32738ScaledJacobian 14/head
2023-08-08 cconopoimabos #32738 [CEA] Scaled Jacobian quality mesh measure...
2023-07-19 jfaMerge branch 'V9_11_BR'
2023-06-27 YOANN AUDOUINCorrection for dual mesh + improve test to check more...
2023-06-19 mbsupdated copyright message V9_11_BR V9_11_0
2023-06-16 mbsupdated copyright message
2023-05-31 asozinovbos #35165 [CEA] Clear the mesh when an hypothesis... CR35165 13/head
2023-05-25 jfaIncrement version: 9.11.0 V9_11_0rc1
2023-05-24 asozinovCR32840 - EDF 26406 - problem of dump CR32840 12/head
2023-05-11 BERNHARD Martin... Merge commit 'd1a4e96b1a71671fa1f529461744d55df36df7b6' V9_11_0b1
2023-05-11 mbsfixed bos#32896 bos/35256 11/head
2023-05-11 mbsfixed bos#32896 mbs/32896_dumpy_study 9/head
2023-05-11 Nabil Ghodbanebos #35256: remove lapsed test_smeshplugin_mg_tetra_par...
2023-05-10 Christophe BourcierAdd tests for viscous layers with body fitting eap/17015_BodyFitting_VL_squashed V9_11_0a1 V9_11_0a2
2023-05-10 eapbos #17015 [CEA 17008] Body fitting with Viscous Layers...
2023-05-09 Christophe BourcierImprove new MG license mechanism to make it work on...
2023-04-26 Konstantin Leontev[bos #32736][CEA] Threshold of criteria. Fixed showing... kleontev/32736_Threshold_of_criteria_bugfix 8/head
2023-04-21 cconopoima[bos #34270] Fix Length 2D control still displayed... cce/34270 7/head
2023-04-20 Christophe BourcierImprove new MG license mechanism to be binary compatibl... cbr/new_mg_license_215_v2
2023-04-19 Konstantin Leontev[bos #32736][CEA] Threshold of criteria. Added Threshol...
2023-04-17 Anthony GeayFirst integration of a new PV3D viewer.
2023-04-12 Christophe BourcierUpgrade to new MG license mechanism and keep compatibil... cbr/new_mg_license_215_squashed
2023-04-05 Frederic PonsFix Compute for Homard assert_compute 2/head
2023-03-29 Frederic PonsMerge branch 'assert_compute' of https://codev-tuleap...
2023-03-29 Frederic PonsCheck result of Compute() in test and examples
2023-03-29 Nabil GhodbaneFix two failing tests on Windows: yan/parallel_mesh_win 4/head
2023-03-28 Nabil Ghodbanefix remaining compilation issues on Windows - to be...
2023-03-28 Yoann AudouinBack to WIN32
2023-03-28 Yoann AudouinReplace WIN32 by DISABLE_PSMESH
2023-03-23 Yoann AudouinMissing files
2023-03-23 AUDOUIN YoannMerge commit '7ce6e800256c653b878d88163ff8576d16ed5a27'
2023-03-22 Yoann AudouinCleanup of parallel meshing + documentation
2023-03-20 cconopoimaSmall hack to update the mesh representation after... cce/29159 3/head
2023-02-28 Frederic PonsCheck result of Compute in examples
2023-02-22 jfaPorting Salome to OCCT 7.7.0
2023-02-21 Frederic PonsCheck result of Compute() in test 1/head
2023-01-31 Christophe BourcierImprove error message
2023-01-18 Yoann AudouinAdding search in doxygen
2022-12-16 jfaMerge branch 'V9_10_BR'
2022-12-12 Yoann AudouinMissing french translation for dual mesh GUI
2022-11-22 Christophe BourcierImprove projection of dual mesh nodes: V9_10_BR V9_10_0 V9_10_0rc1
2022-11-22 jfaIncrement version: 9.10.0
2022-11-21 Christophe BourcierImprove projection of dual mesh nodes: cbr/fix_dual_mesh_projection_squashed
2022-11-15 Yoann AudouinAdding parallel meshing (NETGEN only, Linux Only) V9_10_0b1
2022-11-15 Konstantin LEONTEV[bos #32517][EDF] Dynamic log messages switched on...
2022-11-09 Christophe BourcierFix libpng warning iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
2022-11-09 Christophe BourcierFix warning when loading SMESH plugins resources
2022-11-04 Christophe BourcierFix group of faces identification from dual mesh skin cbr/fix_dual_mesh
2022-11-04 AfeefMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cbr/improve_topiiv...
2022-11-03 Yoann AudouinRevert "Merge branch 'yan/parallel_mesh2'" cbr/improve_topiivol_layout
2022-11-03 Yoann AudouinRevert "Corrections for compilation on other OS"
2022-11-03 AfeefBetter layout with documentation update
2022-11-02 Christophe BourcierImprove Top-ii-Vol dialog box layout
2022-11-02 Yoann AudouinRevert "Merge branch 'yan/parallel_mesh2'"
2022-11-02 Yoann AudouinRevert "Corrections for compilation on other OS"
2022-10-26 Yoann AudouinCorrections for compilation on other OS
2022-10-21 Yoann AudouinMerge branch 'yan/parallel_mesh2'
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRestoring comment of unregister to investigate yan/parallel_mesh2
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinMinor corrections for debug messages
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinReplacing std::mutex by boost::mutex as std::mutex...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding comments
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding code for Python parallel mesh with test + removi...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinUpdate of copyright
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinCreated MeshLocker to replace Lock/Unlock + replacing...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinCorrection for test
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinSplitting gen compute seq/para + clean up + remove...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinSplit of seq/par compute in gen
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinMinor correction
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinClean up of cout replaced by MESSAGE + minor corrections
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRestoring Regular 1D
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRemoving hard coded meshname from Mesh import
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdaptation to NETGEN_Remote
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRemoving todo
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding support for BRep for shape
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinMesh object not deleted in Python + deleting temporary...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding tests for netgen_runner and parallel compute
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRenamming function and files
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding support of number of thread for the mesher
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinReplacing ctpl by boost::thread_pool
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinDeactivating parallelism for 2D/1D + corrections for...
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinIntegration of run_mesher code
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinRestoring orignal compute + cleanup
2022-10-18 Yoann AudouinAdding SetNbThreads in Python to set if compute will...