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52566]: TC7.5.0: Empty group of Balls at Diameter Equal to filter
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2014-05-07 Renaud Nédélec[Verima] Small fixes
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2014-05-06 Renaud Nédélec[Verima] Missing giles
2014-05-06 Renaud Nédélec[Verima] Doc update
2014-05-06 Renaud Nédélec[Verima] commented an unuseful line
2014-05-06 Renaud Nédélecupdate of plugin Verima
2014-04-03 vsrMerge branch V7_3_1_BR
2014-02-20 aklUpdate copyrights 2014.
2013-11-27 mpaCMake: V7_3_0a1
2013-11-19 mpa- Modifing Geometry and Mesh Python scripts from SALOME...
2013-11-07 mpaCMake: Edit sphinx documentation
2013-11-01 mpaCMake:
2013-10-24 rnvGenerate documentation only if corresopnding option...
2013-10-24 rnvUse WIN32 CMake variable instead deprecated WINDOWS...
2013-10-15 invRNV: Fix compilation in the WITHOUT GUI mode.
2013-10-14 rncREG: Verima / Build procedure: Updated the CMake build...
2013-10-14 rncIMP: Verima / New Plugin: Added a plugin for meshers...