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52566]: TC7.5.0: Empty group of Balls at Diameter Equal to filter
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2014-07-16 rnvRemove last wrong commits.
2014-07-16 imnAdd “Grading” parameter to Adaptive 1D hypothesis
2014-05-21 eap22594: [CEA 1159] Salome crashes when loading a dumped...
2014-04-03 vsrMerge branch V7_3_1_BR
2014-02-25 eap22364: EDF SMESH: Create Mesh dialog box improvement...
2014-02-21 imn0022364: EDF SMESH: Create Mesh dialog box improvement...
2014-02-20 aklUpdate copyrights 2014.
2014-02-04 eap22358: EDF SMESH: Body Fitting algorithm: origin point...
2014-02-04 eap22359: Body Fitting algorithm: grid orientation
2014-01-15 vsrMerge from BR_imps_2013 14/01/2014
2013-11-11 eap22355: EDF SMESH: New 1D hypothesis "Adaptive"
2013-10-18 rnvWIN32 compilation of the SMESH module:
2013-10-10 rnvPorting SALOME SMESH module to the CMake build system...
2013-05-30 eap0022104: EDF 2550 SMESH: 2D viscous layer, allow specif...
2013-04-01 vsrMerge from V6_main 01/04/2013
2013-02-12 vsrMerge from V6_main 11/02/2013
2012-12-13 vsrMerge from V6_main 13/12/2012 BR_KERNEL_REFACTORING V7_1_0_pre
2012-08-09 vsrMerge from V6_main_20120808 08Aug12
2009-02-17 vsrMerge from BR_V5_DEV 16Feb09
2008-03-07 jfaJoin modifications from BR_Dev_For_4_0 tag V4_1_1.
2006-06-01 jfaJoin modifications from branch BR_DEBUG_3_2_0b1 T3_2_0b2 V3_2_0b2
2006-05-06 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_debug_for_3_2_0b1
2006-03-13 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_development_for_3_2_0a2
2005-12-28 jfaJoin modifications from branch BR_3_1_0deb T_OCC_development_generic_2006_start
2005-12-26 eapPAL10953. Add Fineness parameter to Automatic Length...
2005-12-23 eapPAL10467. Add "Quadrangle Preference" hypothesis for...
2005-12-15 eapPAL10494 (SMESH python dump uses idl interface). Python...
2005-11-01 eapPAL10237. Add StdMeshers_AutomaticLength 1D hypothesis
2005-08-23 slnIsDimSupported method added
2005-08-16 aslPAL8238
2005-06-07 smhSMH: Preparation version 3.0.0 - merge (HEAD+POLYWORK) T_3_0_0_a1
2005-01-28 sanPAL7705: Possibility to re-use StdMeshers_I in custom...
2004-12-01 adminMerge with version on tag OCC-V2_1_0d V2_1_0b1
2004-06-18 yfrDCQ : Merge with Ecole_Ete_a6.