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Fix regression of smesh/3D_mesh_Extrusion_00/A3
[modules/smesh.git] / src / StdMeshers / StdMeshers_Prism_3D.cxx
2020-03-04 eapFix regression of smesh/3D_mesh_Extrusion_00/A3
2019-08-23 eap54416: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a prismat...
2019-08-02 eapIPAL54585: Extrusion 3D algo fails with "OCC exception...
2019-04-08 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V9_3_BR' into pre/padder
2019-04-08 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V9_3_BR
2019-04-08 eapFix typo by Kunda
2019-03-05 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_2_BR'
2019-02-14 vsrUpdate copyrights
2019-01-24 eap23620: EDF 10301 - Completing Extrusion along a path
2018-10-15 eapTypo and whitespace fixes by Kunda
2018-09-12 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V8_5_asterstudy' V9_1_0
2018-07-13 rnvUnicode support
2018-06-25 eapTypo-fix by Kunda
2018-06-19 eapTypo-fix by Kunda + fix user doc generation
2018-06-14 rnvMerge V9_dev branch into master
2018-05-31 vsrMerge branch 'V8_5_asterstudy'
2018-05-22 eap23562: EDF 17098 - problem with Extrusion 3D
2018-04-05 eap23418: [OCC] Mesh: Minimization of memory usage of...
2018-04-02 vsrMerge branch 'V8_4_BR'
2018-03-30 vsrMerge branch 'V8_3_BR' into V8_4_BR V8_4_BR
2018-01-18 rnvMerge 'master' branch into 'V9_dev' branch. V9_dev V9_0_0
2018-01-15 rnvMerge eap/23491 branch.
2018-01-09 eaptypo-fix by Kunda
2017-12-29 rnvMerge changes from 'master' branch.
2017-12-28 eapTypo-fix by Kunda
2017-10-10 eapTypo fixes
2017-10-09 eapTypo fixes
2017-08-03 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into V9_dev
2017-07-20 rnvMerge branch 'master' into V9_dev
2017-06-27 rnvMerge Python 3 porting.
2017-06-13 rnvMerge multi-study removal branch.
2017-05-31 eapFix regression of doc/salome/examples/ Before_multi_study_removal_06072017
2017-05-30 rnvMerge rnv/win_swig_generation branch.
2017-05-30 rnvMerge V8_3_BR branch.
2017-05-23 eapFix unstable failure of SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/bugs_05/F0
2017-04-25 eapIPAL054122: Bad quality prismatic mesh
2017-04-20 eap54122: Bad quality prismatic mesh
2017-04-19 eap54122: Bad quality prismatic mesh
2017-04-17 eapIPAL52499: Prismatic mesh is not computed on a prismati...
2017-03-07 eapIPAL54027: Projection algo is very long on a face with...
2017-03-02 eapPatch modules/smesh.git for Doxygen typos/grammar ...
2016-12-28 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fbt/fix_french_tra...
2016-11-25 eapFix regressions
2016-11-24 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V8_2_BR' into pre/V8_2_BR
2016-11-24 anaMerge branch 'master' of salome:modules/smesh
2016-11-24 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cbr/fix_import_gmf...
2016-11-23 eap23395: EDF 13855 - Crash SALOME when creating a mesh
2016-11-16 eapPerformance regression of SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh... V8_2_0b1
2016-09-07 eapIPAL53561: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a...
2016-09-01 eapFix regression of SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/3D_mesh_Extr...
2016-06-10 eapIPAL52980: Wire Discretization with Table density fails
2016-05-24 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev'
2016-05-19 eapFix regressions
2016-04-15 Paul RASCLEMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev' into V7_dev
2016-04-14 eap23269: Meshing a composite block with IJK
2016-03-24 vsrMerge branch 'V7_dev'
2016-03-18 vsrCopyright update: 2016
2016-03-16 eapIPAL53051: 3D Extrusion fails
2016-03-15 eapIPAL53053: Mesh compute with 3D Extrusion algo crashes...
2016-03-08 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V7_dev' of https://git.salome-platform...
2016-03-04 eap53099: 3D Extrusion algo refuses to work on an extruded...
2016-02-19 eap23239: [CEA 1739] Regression : crash trying to create...
2016-02-17 eap23239: [CEA 1739] Regression : crash trying to create...
2016-02-16 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'hydro/imps_2015' into V7_dev
2016-02-03 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_dev' into V8_0_0_BR
2016-02-02 eapRegression of 3D_mesh_Extrusion_00/B2
2016-01-25 vsrMerge branch 'V7_dev' into V8_0_0_BR
2016-01-25 eap53075: Create mesh dialog: 3D tab disabled
2016-01-07 Paul RASCLEmerge master
2015-11-27 vsrOne more compilation error on Mageia 5
2015-10-27 eapIPAL52935: "Apply and Close" button is not available...
2015-05-06 eapFix regressions bugs_14/P9 (Prism 3D) and bugs_19/X1...
2015-04-07 eap23036: [CEA 1459] Regression projection 1D2D
2015-02-16 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/gdd/translations'
2015-02-13 aklCopyrights update 2015.
2014-12-02 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pra/blocFissure
2014-11-19 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-11-19 eapIPAL16934: Selection works incorrectly if Source and...
2014-11-18 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-11-18 eap22808: EDF SMESH: Regression with 3D Extrusion/ViscousL...
2014-11-17 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-11-14 eap22526: SMESH 2864 - Projection and Extrusion
2014-11-13 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-11-13 eap22806: EDF SMESH: Regression: Prism_3D error
2014-11-12 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-11-12 eapTo compute mesh in SALOME_TESTS/Grids/geom/bugs_15/R7
2014-11-10 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/Doc_update_ver741' into...
2014-11-05 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V7_5_BR
2014-10-31 eap22797: EDF 9014 SMESH: Problem with the 3D extrusion...
2014-09-25 eapRegression of doc/salome/examples/
2014-09-24 eap52499: Prismatic mesh is not computed on a prismatic...
2014-08-28 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V7_4_BR'
2014-07-22 eapFix crash at study closing. Enable canceling Prism...
2014-07-08 eapIPAL0052448: Too thin viscous layers are constructed
2014-07-03 eapIPAL52439: 3D Extrusion creates distorted volumes
2014-06-30 eap22613: EDF 8419 SMESH: 1d hypothesis is not applied...
2014-05-07 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/ysn/doc_update_740'
2014-04-29 eapSALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/mesh_Projection_2D_00/A0
2014-04-28 eapSALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/mesh_Projection_2D_00/A0
2014-04-28 eapSALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/mesh_Projection_2D_00/A0