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IPAL21120 SIGSEGV on Meshing attached Compound with Automatic Hexadralization
[modules/smesh.git] / src / StdMeshers / StdMeshers_Hexa_3D.cxx
2009-05-04 eapIPAL21120 SIGSEGV on Meshing attached Compound with...
2009-02-17 vsrMerge from BR_V5_DEV 16Feb09
2008-03-07 jfaJoin modifications from BR_Dev_For_4_0 tag V4_1_1.
2006-06-01 jfaJoin modifications from branch BR_DEBUG_3_2_0b1 T3_2_0b2 V3_2_0b2
2006-05-06 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_debug_for_3_2_0b1
2006-03-13 jfaJoin modifications from branch OCC_development_for_3_2_0a2
2005-09-07 eapPAL9022. Attach generated mesh elements to whatever...
2005-02-01 eapPAL7913. free memory in the destructor
2005-01-21 eapPAL7358. Take care of orientation when creating volumes
2004-12-17 adminMerge with OCC-V2_1_0_deb
2004-12-01 adminMerge with version on tag OCC-V2_1_0d V2_1_0b1
2004-06-18 yfrDCQ : Merge with Ecole_Ete_a6.