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#19765 EDF 21730 - long time to load med file file with huge amount of groups
[modules/smesh.git] / src / SMESH_I / SMESH_Mesh_i.cxx
2020-07-20 eap#19765 EDF 21730 - long time to load med file file...
2020-07-10 eapMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/V9_5_BR'
2020-05-27 eapCosmetic changes
2020-05-26 eapIPAL54678: TC-9.5.0: Sub-mesh priority: not all sub...
2020-05-26 eapIPAL54678: TC-9.5.0: Sub-mesh priority: not all sub...
2020-05-18 eapIPAL0054674: Wrong mesh icon after mesh modification V9_5_0b1
2020-05-14 eapUnify function headers
2020-05-14 eapSHAPERSTUDY: Break Link when geometry not changed
2020-04-15 vsrCopyright update 2020
2020-04-10 eapSHAPERSTUDY: fix case of a group containing the main...
2020-04-08 eapfix SHAPERSTUDY: when two meshes are on the same geometry
2020-04-08 eapfix SHAPERSTUDY bugs
2020-04-02 eapPb: sub-mesh becomes invalid upon adding fillet to...
2020-03-17 eapTask #3134: Improve the relation between SHAPER and...
2020-03-12 mpvFix the problem on break link and creation of a mesh...
2020-03-11 eap#18835 Automatically create groups on Geometry in SMESH...
2020-02-26 eapFix regression of smesh/bugs_14/P7
2020-02-21 eapRestore usage of GenericObject wraper ( _wrap )
2020-02-21 vsrMerge branch 'occ/shaper2smesh'
2020-02-14 eapFix Break Link called from TUI
2020-02-13 mpvFix for the break-link dump into python: also sub-mesh...
2020-02-12 vsvDo not remove Mesh on geometry change according to...
2020-02-07 mpvMake the dead shape correctly referenced by SMESH mesh...
2020-01-28 eapNew mesh icon if geometry changes
2020-01-24 eapFix exception at Break Link after shaper group modification
2020-01-21 eapFix sub-mesh update upon shaper geometry change
2020-01-20 eapfix update of sub-meshes on group in checkGeomModif()
2020-01-16 eapUpdate mesh according to geometry modif. Care of actors...
2020-01-15 eapFix SMESH_Mesh_i::ReplaceShape()
2020-01-10 eap#17927: EDF 20035 - perfs of mesh creation
2019-12-30 mpvImplementation of Groups support by the SHAPER-STUDY...
2019-12-27 vsvImprove ReplaceShape interface
2019-12-27 vsvReplace shape in Mesh object
2019-12-19 mpvImplementation of the automatic breaking the link if...
2019-12-09 vsvModification of SMESH_Gen interface
2019-08-29 eapIPAL54452: Compact mesh after merge operations
2019-08-23 eap54416: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a prismat...
2019-07-01 eap#17085 [CEA 17030] Warning sub-mesh with Extrusion 3D
2019-04-08 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V9_3_BR' into pre/padder
2019-04-08 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V9_3_BR
2019-04-08 eapFix CRASH after mesh.RemoveGroupWithContents( group_of_...
2019-04-03 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V9_3_BR
2019-04-01 eap54524: [FORUM]: Export in STL work wrong' issue
2019-04-01 rnvFix for '54524: [FORUM]: Export in STL work wrong'...
2019-03-28 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into V9_3_BR
2019-03-28 eap#16748 EDF 19207 - no change priority with submesh
2019-03-05 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_2_BR'
2019-02-14 vsrUpdate copyrights
2019-02-14 eap#16578 EDF - Scibian - ViscousLayer / SIGSEGV
2019-02-04 eap23636: EDF 18217 - Problem when suppressing CAD
2019-01-28 eap0023614: EDF 16256 - Coordinates of a group
2019-01-17 eap23627: [IMACS] ASERIS: project point to the mesh and...
2018-12-10 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_BR'
2018-12-05 eap23619: EDF 18055 - Detection of sharp edges (note 0022724)
2018-11-27 eap23619: EDF 18055 - Detection of sharp edges
2018-11-22 eap23611: EDF 11012 - Force Z coords to 0
2018-10-15 eapTypo and whitespace fixes by Kunda
2018-10-12 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/medCompatibility
2018-10-11 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/medCompatibility
2018-10-10 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/medCompatibility
2018-10-09 Paul RASCLEMED write/append with a lower major version of MED...
2018-10-08 Paul RASCLEintroduction of MED write/append with a lower major...
2018-09-17 eap23586: [EDF] HYDRO: Copy mesh to new geometry
2018-09-12 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V8_5_asterstudy' V9_1_0
2018-09-03 eapFix Python dump of ExportPartToMED()
2018-07-19 Paul RASCLEMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-07-18 eapIPAL54414: MED file info is not persistent
2018-07-18 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-18 Paul RASCLEdebug exporting MED files, adding meshes, different...
2018-07-13 Paul RASCLEreintroduction of choice of MED minor version when...
2018-07-13 rnvMerge branch 'master' of
2018-07-13 rnvUnicode support
2018-07-10 eapRestore change of mesh icon depending on its status
2018-06-19 eapTypo-fix by Kunda + fix user doc generation
2018-06-14 rnvMerge V9_dev branch into master
2018-05-31 vsrMerge branch 'V8_5_asterstudy'
2018-05-25 eapFix Redesign of SMESH documentation
2018-04-19 eapIPAL54382: TC8.5.0: SMESH: Regression in mesh visualiza...
2018-04-05 eap23418: [OCC] Mesh: Minimization of memory usage of...
2018-04-02 vsrMerge branch 'V8_4_BR'
2018-03-30 vsrMerge branch 'V8_3_BR' into V8_4_BR V8_4_BR
2018-03-06 Paul RASCLEMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-02-27 eaptypo-fix by Kunda
2018-02-19 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' of
2018-02-19 eap23525: EDF16278 - Perf of concatenation of meshes
2018-01-18 rnvMerge 'master' branch into 'V9_dev' branch. V9_dev V9_0_0
2018-01-15 rnvMerge eap/23491 branch.
2017-12-29 rnvMerge changes from 'master' branch.
2017-12-28 eapTypo-fix by Kunda
2017-12-14 rnvMerge branch 'eap/23514'
2017-12-13 rnvMerge V8_4_BR branch.
2017-10-12 eapAdd "Deflection 2D" quality control
2017-09-29 Paul RASCLEchoice of MED format, minor version, for backward compa...
2017-08-25 eapIPAL54303: CGNS export problems
2017-08-23 vsr0021803: EDF 2351 : Available versions of MED in TUI...
2017-08-03 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into V9_dev
2017-07-20 rnvMerge branch 'master' into V9_dev
2017-06-27 rnvMerge Python 3 porting.
2017-06-13 rnvMerge multi-study removal branch.
2017-05-30 rnvMerge rnv/win_swig_generation branch.