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PAL10196. Rename GetGroupNames() -> GetGroupNamesAndTypes(), add checkFamilyId()
[modules/smesh.git] / src / DriverMED / DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.h
2005-10-11 eapPAL10196. Rename GetGroupNames() -> GetGroupNamesAndTyp...
2004-12-01 adminMerge with version on tag OCC-V2_1_0d V2_1_0b1
2004-06-18 yfrDCQ : Merge with Ecole_Ete_a6.
2003-09-04 jrtUpdate to match the changes in SMDS
2003-07-10 yfrThis commit was generated by cvs2git to track changes...
2003-07-10 yfrsources v1.2
2003-03-07 adminInitialisation module SMESH_SRC de la base SMESH V1