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Precise doc on sub-mesh priority
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2019-09-03 eapPrecise doc on sub-mesh priority
2019-08-29 rnvImprove documentation generation.
2019-08-23 eap54416: Extrusion 3D algo is not applicable to a prismat...
2019-08-19 rnvRemoving duplicate file
2019-08-16 rnvMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-16 rnvBuild documentation under Windows.
2019-08-14 eapIPAL54417: Hexahedron(ijk) crashes salome
2019-08-08 vsrMove to 'bad' section as it depend...
2019-08-01 Paul RASCLEsplit test smeshplugins to keep apart mg_tetra_parallel...
2019-07-12 eapIPAL54529: Hexahedron(ijk) fails on a block with compos...
2019-05-07 eap#16914 EDF 19401 - Wrong quadratic mesh (bis)
2019-04-08 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'V9_3_BR' into pre/padder
2019-04-08 vsrMerge branch 'master' into V9_3_BR
2019-04-08 eapFix typo by Kunda
2019-03-06 eapFix MinDistance for node-group (SALOME_TESTS/Grids... V9_3_0a2
2019-03-05 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_2_BR'
2019-02-14 vsrUpdate copyrights
2019-02-08 Christophe BourcierSmall fixes in sphinx documentation of python plugins:
2019-01-24 eap23620: EDF 10301 - Completing Extrusion along a path
2019-01-24 Christophe BourcierSmall fixes in sphinx documentation of python plugins:
2019-01-18 eap23617: EDF 14133 - Complete Merge Nodes / Merge Element...
2019-01-17 eap23627: [IMACS] ASERIS: project point to the mesh and...
2018-12-10 vsrMerge branch 'V9_2_BR'
2018-11-30 eap23615: EDF 17317 - Fit All when display one mesh
2018-11-29 eapIMP 23612: EDF 14143 - Compute angle from 3 points
2018-11-27 eap23619: EDF 18055 - Detection of sharp edges
2018-11-22 eap23611: EDF 11012 - Force Z coords to 0
2018-11-09 eapPAL0023627: [IMACS] ASERIS: project point to the mesh
2018-10-31 vsrRun all SMESH tests at once: all tests pass in 2min...
2018-10-26 vsrPrettify documentation: force width of the document...
2018-10-25 vsr0023623: [CEA 2284] : Mesh migration documentation...
2018-10-17 eap23605: [EDF] HYDRO: parent mesh for Copy mesh with...
2018-10-15 eapTypo and whitespace fixes by Kunda
2018-10-12 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/medCompatibility
2018-10-12 eap23586: [EDF] HYDRO: Copy mesh to new geometry
2018-09-19 rnv'/usr/bin/env python' -> '/usr/bin/env python3' V9_2_0a1
2018-09-17 eap23586: [EDF] HYDRO: Copy mesh to new geometry
2018-09-17 vsr0023591: [EDF] Add test to check meshing plug-ins to...
2018-09-14 vsr0023591: [EDF] Add test to check meshing plug-ins to...
2018-09-12 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/V8_5_asterstudy' V9_1_0
2018-08-20 eapProvide missing TUI examples of some algorithms
2018-08-09 rnvDetect sphinx theme directly in file
2018-08-08 eapRegression of SALOME_TESTS/Grids/smesh/3D_mesh_Extrusio...
2018-07-26 Paul RASCLEMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-07-26 eapASERIS: Return a group from FillHole()
2018-07-13 rnvUnicode support
2018-07-04 eapAllow creating smeshBuilder before geomBuilder
2018-06-29 eap23570: EDF17299 - Problem with filters
2018-06-25 eapTypo-fix by Kunda
2018-06-19 eapTypo-fix by Kunda + fix user doc generation
2018-06-19 eapIPAL54401: Offset dialog bug
2018-06-14 rnvMerge V9_dev branch into master
2018-05-31 vsrMerge branch 'V8_5_asterstudy'
2018-05-25 eapFix Redesign of SMESH documentation
2018-05-10 vsrMerge remote branch 'origin/pre/V8_5_BR' into V8_5_BR
2018-04-28 rnvFix for '23553: Replace ABSOLUTE_APPLI_PATH by KERNEL_R... rnv/23553
2018-04-23 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into V8_5_BR V8_5_0rc1
2018-04-20 vsr0023548: [CEA] Generation of documentation is broken...
2018-04-16 eap023544: SMESH's performance issues (note 22293) uhz/V8_5_BR_w_min_of_memory_usage_and_fixes
2018-04-02 vsrMerge branch 'V8_4_BR'
2018-03-30 rnvRedesign SALOME documentation
2018-03-30 vsrMerge branch 'V8_3_BR' into V8_4_BR V8_4_BR
2018-01-18 rnvMerge 'master' branch into 'V9_dev' branch. V9_dev V9_0_0
2018-01-15 rnvMerge eap/23491 branch.
2018-01-09 eaptypo-fix by Kunda
2017-12-29 rnvMerge changes from 'master' branch.
2017-12-28 eapTypo-fix by Kunda
2017-12-19 rnvMerge ASERIS development.
2017-12-14 rnvMerge branch 'eap/23514'
2017-12-13 rnvMerge V8_4_BR branch.
2017-11-28 eaptypo-fix by Kunda + minor changes
2017-11-14 eap23491: EDF 15591 - Duplicate Elements / Nodes eap/23491
2017-10-12 eapAdd "Deflection 2D" quality control
2017-10-10 vsrFix broken links to TUI pages in GUI documentation
2017-09-19 Paul RASCLEMerge branch 'master' into pre/penta18 pre/penta18 V8_4_0a2
2017-09-19 Paul RASCLEadd two salome tests for penta18
2017-08-03 rnvMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into V9_dev
2017-07-20 rnvMerge branch 'master' into V9_dev
2017-06-27 rnvMerge Python 3 porting.
2017-06-21 eap023456: EDF 11308 - ExtrusionSweepObjects : link to...
2017-06-20 Cédric AguerreInstall tests.set
2017-06-20 Cédric AguerreInstall tests.set Before_python3_27062017
2017-06-19 Cédric AguerreShare test definition
2017-06-19 Cédric AguerreAdd .py extension to tests filenames
2017-06-19 Cédric AguerreShare test definition
2017-06-13 rnvMerge multi-study removal branch.
2017-05-30 rnvMerge rnv/win_swig_generation branch.
2017-05-30 rnvMerge V8_3_BR branch.
2017-05-30 rnvMerge branch 'rnv/win_swig_generation' of salome:module...
2017-05-24 Gilles DAVIDPorting Python 3
2017-05-24 Gilles DAVIDMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/V8_3_BR' into...
2017-05-18 Gilles DAVIDMerge branch 'V8_3_BR' into ngr/python3_dev
2017-05-09 Gilles DAVIDFix doc examples
2017-04-28 rnvUpdate copyrights in the documentation. V8_3_0rc4
2017-04-25 eapIPAL054122: Bad quality prismatic mesh
2017-04-18 Gilles DAVIDMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/V8_3_BR' into...
2017-04-12 eap23427: [CEA 2073] No hypothesis "Viscous Layers" with...
2017-04-11 eap23422: EDF 14312 - Strange behavior of Viscous Layer...
2017-03-29 Gilles DAVID[PY3] more Swig fix + integer division
2017-03-29 Gilles DAVID[PY3] use python3 idioms, fix relative imports, fix...