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Warn about direct SMESH idl usage: smesh python package have to be used where it...
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1 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252' ?>\r
2 <tocdata>\r
3 <book name="MESH module" >\r
4   <item name="Introduction to Mesh" url="mesh.htm" />\r
5   <item name="Running MESH module" url="files/running_smesh_module.htm" />\r
6   <book name="Creating meshes" >\r
7     <item name="About meshes" url="files/about_meshes.htm" />\r
8     <item name="Importing and exporting meshes" url="files/importing_and_exporting_meshes.htm" />\r
9     <item name="Constructing meshes" url="files/constructing_meshes.htm" />\r
10     <item name="Defining meshing algorithms" url="files/about_meshing_algorithms.htm" />\r
11     <book name="Defining hypotheses" >\r
12       <item name="About Hypotheses" url="files/about_hypotheses.htm" />\r
13       <item name="1D Meshing Hypotheses" url="files/arithmetic_1d.htm" />\r
14       <item name="2D Meshing Hypotheses" url="files/max._element_area_hypothesis.htm" />\r
15       <item name="Max Element Volume hypothesis" url="files/max._element_volume_hypothsis.htm" />\r
16       <item name="Additional Hypotheses" url="files/non_conform_mesh_allowed_hypothesis.htm" />\r
17     </book>\r
18     <item name="Constructing submeshes" url="files/constructing_submeshes.htm" />\r
19     <item name="Editing Meshes" url="files/reassigning_hypotheses_and_algorithms.htm" />\r
20   </book>\r
21   <book name="Viewing meshes" >\r
22     <item name="Viewing meshes" url="about_viewing_meshes.htm" />\r
23     <item name="VTK 3D Viewer" url="files/vtk_3d_viewer.htm" />\r
24     <item name="Mesh infos" url="files/viewing_mesh_info.htm" />\r
25     <item name="Numbering" url="files/displaying_nodes_numbers.htm" />\r
26     <item name="Display Mode" url="presentation.htm" />\r
27     <item name="Display Entity" url="display_entity.htm" />\r
28     <item name="Transparency" url="transparency.htm" />\r
29     <item name="Clipping" url="clipping.htm" />\r
30   </book>\r
31   <book name="Quality controls" >\r
32     <item name="About quality controls" url="files/about_quality_controls.htm" />\r
33     <item name="Free borders" url="free_borders.htm" />\r
34     <item name="Borders at multi-connection" url="borders_at_multi-connection.htm" />\r
35     <item name="Length" url="length.htm" />\r
36     <item name="Free edges" url="free_edges.htm" />\r
37     <item name="Length 2D" url="files/length_of_edges.htm" />\r
38     <item name="Borders at multi-connection 2D" url="borders_at_multiconnection_2d.htm" />\r
39     <item name="Area" url="files/area_of_elements.htm" />\r
40     <item name="Taper" url="files/taper.htm" />\r
41     <item name="Aspect ratio" url="files/aspect_ratio.htm" />\r
42     <item name="Minimum angle" url="files/minimum_angle.htm" />\r
43     <item name="Warping" url="files/warp.htm" />\r
44     <item name="Skew" url="files/skew.htm" />\r
45     <item name="Aspect ratio 3D" url="aspect_ratio_3d.htm" />\r
46     <item name="Volume" url="volume.htm" />\r
47   </book>\r
48   <book name="Grouping elements" >\r
49     <item name="Creating groups" url="files/creating_groups.htm" />\r
50     <item name="Editing groups" url="files/editing_groups.htm" />\r
51     <item name="Using operations on groups" url="files/using_operations_on_groups.htm" />\r
52     <item name="Constructing groups of specific elements" url="files/constructing_groups_of_specific_elements.htm" />\r
53     <item name="Deleting Groups" url="deleting_groups.htm" />\r
54     <item name="Selection filter library" url="selection_filter_library.htm" />\r
55   </book>\r
56   <book name="Modifying meshes" >\r
57     <item name="Adding nodes and elements" url="files/adding_nodes_and_elements.htm" />\r
58     <item name="Adding quadratic elements" url="adding_quadratic_nodes_and_elements.htm" />\r
59     <item name="Removing nodes and elements" url="files/removing_nodes_and_elements.htm" />\r
60     <item name="Renumbering nodes and elements" url="files/renumbering_nodes_and_elements.htm" />\r
61     <book name="Transforming meshes" >\r
62       <item name="Translation" url="files/translation.htm" />\r
63       <item name="Rotation" url="files/rotation.htm" />\r
64       <item name="Symmetry" url="files/symmetry.htm" />\r
65       <item name="Sewing meshes" url="files/sewing_meshes.htm" />\r
66       <item name="Merging nodes" url="files/merging_nodes.htm" />\r
67       <item name="Merging Elements" url="merge_elements.htm" />\r
68     </book>\r
69     <item name="Moving nodes" url="files/displacing_nodes.htm" />\r
70     <item name="Diagonal inversion of elements" url="files/diagonal_iversion_of_elements.htm" />\r
71     <item name="Uniting two triangles" url="files/uniting_two_triangles.htm" />\r
72     <item name="Uniting a set of triangles" url="files/uniting_a_set_of_triangles.htm" />\r
73     <item name="Changing orientation of elements" url="files/changing_orientation_of_elements.htm" />\r
74     <item name="Cutting quadrangles" url="files/cutting_quadrangles.htm" />\r
75     <item name="Smoothing" url="files/smoothing.htm" />\r
76     <item name="Extrusion" url="extrusion.htm" />\r
77     <item name="Extrusion along a path" url="extrusion_along_a_path.htm" />\r
78     <item name="Revolution" url="revolution.htm" />\r
79     <item name="Pattern mapping" url="pattern_mapping.htm" />\r
80   </book>\r
81   <item name="Access to Mesh module functionality from Python (using" url="smeshpy_doc/namespacesmesh.html" />\r
82   <book name="TUI Scripts" >\r
83     <item name="Introduction to MESH module python interface" url="smesh_py_introduction.htm" />\r
84     <item name="Creating Meshes" url="constructing_meshes.htm" />\r
85     <item name="Defining Hypotheses" url="defining_hypotheses_tui.htm" />\r
86     <item name="Viewing Meshes" url="viewing_meshes.htm" />\r
87     <item name="Quality Controls" url="quality_controls.htm" />\r
88     <item name="Grouping Elements" url="grouping_elements.htm" />\r
89     <item name="Modifying Meshes" url="modifying_meshes.htm" />\r
90     <item name="Transforming Meshes" url="transforming_meshes.htm" />\r
91   </book>\r
92 </book>\r
93 \r
94 </tocdata>\r