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This page lists available git repositories of SALOME platform sources.

To access one of below listed projects, install git, and run one of the following commands (depending on the protocol you use): Examples:
git clone
git clone git://
To access git repositories via HTTPS protocol, an installation of the certificate is required.

Visit SALOME site to learn more about SALOME platform.
List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
modules/adao.git No commits
modules/eficas.git No commits
modules/filter.git SALOME Filter module [OBSOLETE] 6 years ago
modules/geom.git SALOME Geometry module 14 hours ago
modules/gui.git SALOME GUI module 9 hours ago
modules/hexablock.git SALOME HexaBlock module 2 months ago
modules/homard.git SALOME Homard module 2 months ago
modules/hydro.git SALOME HYDRO module 4 days ago
modules/jobmanager.git SALOME JobManager module 2 months ago
modules/kernel.git SALOME Kernel module 32 hours ago
modules/med.git SALOME Med module 8 days ago
modules/multipr.git SALOME Multipr module [OBSOLETE] 4 years ago
modules/parametric.git 2 months ago
modules/paravis.git SALOME ParaVis module 3 days ago
modules/smesh.git SALOME Mesh module 5 hours ago
modules/superv.git SALOME Supervision module... 6 years ago
modules/visu.git SALOME Post-Pro module [OBSOLETE] 2 years ago
modules/yacs.git SALOME YACS module 7 hours ago
plugins/acisplugin.git OCCT ACIS/SAT Import/Export... 2 months ago
plugins/blsurfplugin.git Mesh plugin for Distene mg... 3 weeks ago
plugins/canrecplugin.git OCCT Canonical Recognition... 2 months ago
plugins/dxfplugin.git OCCT DXF Import/Export plugin... 2 months ago
plugins/ghs3dplugin.git Mesh plugin for Distene mg... 8 weeks ago
plugins/ghs3dprlplugin.git Mesh plugin for Tepal / Disten... 2 months ago
plugins/hexablockplugin.git Mesh plugin for SALOME HexaBlock 2 months ago
plugins/hexoticplugin.git Mesh plugin for Distene mg... 3 weeks ago
plugins/hybridplugin.git Mesh plugin for Distene mg... 2 months ago
plugins/netgenplugin.git Mesh plugin for Netgen 3 weeks ago
plugins/xtplugin.git OCCT Parasolid Import plugin... 2 months ago
samples/atomgen.git AtomGen sample module from... 2 months ago
samples/atomic.git Atomic sample module from... 2 months ago
samples/atomsolv.git AtomSolv sample module from... 2 months ago
samples/calculator.git Calculator sample module 2 months ago
samples/component.git Component sample module 2 months ago
samples/datafiles.git Data files for SALOME 2 months ago
samples/dsccode.git DscCode sample module 4 months ago
samples/genericsolver.git 2 months ago
samples/hello.git Hello sample module 2 months ago
samples/light.git Light sample module 33 hours ago
samples/pycalculator.git PyCalculator sample module 2 months ago
samples/pyhello.git PyHello sample module 4 weeks ago
samples/pylight.git PyLight sample module 2 months ago
samples/randomizer.git Randomizer sample module 2 months ago
samples/sierpinsky.git Sierpinsky sample module 2 months ago
tools/documentation.git SALOME documentation base 6 weeks ago
tools/hxx2salome.git Hxx2Salome tool 16 months ago
tools/install.git SALOME Installation Wizard 3 months ago
tools/libbatch.git libBatch library 4 months ago
tools/service.git Maintenance utilities for... 39 hours ago
tools/siman.git SALOME simulation manager 6 months ago
tools/simanio.git I/O library for SIMAN 6 months ago
tools/tutorial.git SALOME Tutorial 6 months ago
tools/yacsgen.git YacsGen tool 4 months ago